Greetings on this Christmas Season...

So here we embark on yet another Christmas Holiday.

This is the first blog post I'm doing in 2 years and the first on the band website, for that matter, but anyway, I figured I wold share some thoughts on this Christmas season.

With all that has happened in the world this few months and being around family and loved ones, it's always very important to remember that true meaning of Christmas. Often times people forget the true meaning of Christmas. It's not about getting everything that you asked for on your laundry list Christmas list, it's not about getting the latest xBox game or the latest piece of technology to one up on a friend or family member. And it surely isn't about getting so toasted that you can't remember anything the next day.

Christmas is a time to remember the little things or things that go unnoticed everyday. It's to be thankful for what you have, not what you are going to receive. Most of all it's the be truly thankful for the greatest Christmas give that the world has been given, and that is the birth of the Lord our Saviour. That is and will always be the greatest Christmas gift that any one person shall receive. On the eve of our Lords birth we shall be great full. That is the true meaning of Christmas. That we we're given a precious gift, that made the ultimate sacrifice so that we all would be given a chance. A chance to make right with what we have done wrong. 

So as we gather this evening with our families, and friends, please take the time to remember that we are all receiving the greatest gift ever.... 

And as we lay our heads down tonight, remember that 2014 years ago, a baby was born in a manger in a small town, that would grow up to be the most amazing man to ever walk the earth, and that He will make the greatest sacrifice and once again give us the greatest gift, so that we won't have to bear it all.

I leave you with this, and from my family, and our Ignescent family to yours, 

God bless and have a wonderful safe Christmas...


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  • george brix
    george brix
    From Your Friend at Sony Music, Keep up the good Work !

    From Your Friend at Sony Music, Keep up the good Work !

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